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Happy birthday, Digital_rider!!!

Happy birthday, handsome!

Best wishes for the upcoming year. May you only be overwhelmed by the good stuff. You've earned it.

Wigs? Why, yes!

Hi, all!

I think I might like to wear a wig at faire this year... any good ideas where to find one?

Online, local... it's all good.

Thank you in advance for any help you've got!

Thank you so much.

My most heartfelt thanks for your good wishes and fun thoughts.

Andrea is sleeping, now, so that's good. She's in so much pain she has a hard time resting. :(

I'll be sharing your funnies and thoughts with her tomorrow.

Bless you all and much love.


*PING* Kelly and Danny!


I wantzez thees... thought you might like it, too!

Mimi is old, and that is all. :)

Mimi has returned home with a diagnosis of old tummy and a compressed vertebrae. Nothing serious. Now she gets to enjoy chicken and rice for dinner.

Thank you for your good wishes. Clearly, they worked.

Happy, happy, BESTEST Birthday, Elliot!

To the amazing highwaymen01:

Happiest of special days to you, dearheart. Thank you for the strength, light and wisdom you've brought into my life, and the lives of everyone lucky enough to know you.

You're a gift, and I'm so thankful for this day.

Much love!

Snakes on a Plane auditions

This is one of the funniest sets of impersonations I've seen in quite some time.

I love this guy's Walken and Pesci. The audio is NSFW, but the visuals are fine.




So, igiggedwitdanny, it's your birthday.

I am thankful now, and every other day of the year, for this day. Because without you, my world would be so much less... yes. just so much less.

You are an amazingly talented and beautiful person, and I hope, pray and trust that the upcoming year will knock your socks off. It's your turn.

Love you!